About Me

"11 things/stuff/stories you might want to know about me, or not." 

1) I used to be a really skinny skinny tanned tanned athletic gal who excel in 100M, 200M sprint. Now? oh I can still run fast trust me, but it only applies when there is a sale in my favorite stores. 

2) Believe it or not I have never been to a dentist for plucking teeth. I plucked them off myself - Each and everyone of them. Here is the scenario - Young Tammy felt it moving a little, she'd then "pull & push" the target tooth, attempt to make it even looser till it gets really loose and eventually fall off.Next, She'd ran to the restroom and looked at her mouth filled with blood. She rinsed obediently till water runs clear then put that tooth under her pillow and make a wish. (None of her wishes came true btw.)
Now that I think about it, That's actually consider a special talent don't you think?  Hey You think you are so gifted just because you can play violin at age five? I plucked every of my tooth out with no help and no tears.#swagger #realpro

3) I am VERY particular about the liquid I consume, I don't like alcohol of any kind. My favorite is warm water followed by a few kinds of fresh fruit juice. ( No ice no sugar.) I only drink carrot, apple, starfruit and watermelon juice. Green tea is fine but it has to be warm. 

4) Favorite color- Black. No such thing as having too many black clothing in your closet. Least favorite color- Pinkish pink, or Hello Kitty pink, soft pink. Oh dear lord I despise those, so disgusting. You will never see it on any of my stuff. EVER and FOREVER.

5) Sometimes I just want to be alone. Like dead alone. Like not answering my whatsapp/BBM, just lie on my bed no music no sound no thoughts no talk no anything kind of alone. 
Then I get all lonely and emotional after a few hours, I would get back up, go cook me some pork belly, put on some music, check on my Facebook and calling my closest, demanding an answer for why they never look for me that day. 

6) Well by now you'd have probably assume that I have split/double personality. Bingo! You are right,I do. I don't know if it's the "Capricorn" thing. I can be a really warm and friendly person and very dead ice cold the next minute. One fine Tuesday morning I am all about positivity then comes afternoon all I want to do is cry and sleep. 

7) I love eating fats. I love my pork belly stew or crispy, I love my pork lard, I love crispy pork skin. I love them all baby.

8) Whenever I feel the world is crumbling down on me I bake. Baking is fun, baking requires no thinking. All you need is to follow the instructions and steps provided by a recipe and voilà! You get exactly what you want - The perfect sweet cake. No surprise no fuss no complication… unlike love.In love you can give in your all,try your very best but still you might end up with absolutely nothing but heartbreaks and tears. 

9) I love films. Be it foreign, Sci Fi, Comedy, oldies classic, Love story or documentary. For me, being able to watch someone's else journey in less than 2 hours is so compelling and inspiring. I get all emotional in the theater when specific scenes or lines of dialogue captures me deep. It's like a mini escape from your everyday mundane life. A good movie allows you to think and reflect back upon your own life. That's very important. 

10) I am a very determined person, when I want or believe in something bad I will try my best to get it or make it my way. Simply because I believe in what I see. Some might consider it manipulative.I take it as pure determination. 

11) Why am I always mean to you one might ask? Well, I tend to be insulting and mean to friends that I enjoy hanging out with. Therefore,The more courteous and quiet I am with you, it usually means you are either an elderly or I really want you out of my life. So be grateful. 


200% percent accurate & true about me.


摩羯不大主动去联系人。由于摩羯是个慢热的星座,表面看起来朋友很多,但真正令他在乎的或许只有那几个人而已。也就是说,大部分的人,摩羯可能只是把他划分 在“认识”的这一层面上。当然也就不会去主动联系了。所以,如果你是摩羯会主动联系的人,那你对他来说就已经很重要了。

摩羯想谈 一场长久的恋爱,最好很长很长,可以把对方当成像家人一样,每天生活必不可少的人。彼此吵架怎么吵都不会提分手两个字,刚开始可能很热恋,后来可能很平淡 也没关系,因为彼此习惯彼此。把对方当成每天生活必然的人,平淡可又不能缺,每天早安晚安,醒来都会有彼此温暖的信息。

摩羯其实有点懒,喜欢赖床。摩羯其实不太乖,喜欢捣蛋。摩羯在陌生人面前会很安静,很冷漠,在熟人面前却很放肆,很霸道,并喜欢没形象的哈哈大笑。 摩羯也会偶尔的忧郁,朋友问摩羯怎么了,摩羯也只会说没事, 其实摩羯只是感觉累了.

脾气有点大,表面温和到别人误以为很好欺负,其实内心脾气大的可怕 。性格矛盾分裂,自尊超强 。太现实了,认真,看问题太透 。孤独,缺乏安全感,自闭,忧郁 。爱太深,比较容易受伤,受伤就选择逃避 。喜欢乱想,想太多,爱纠结,超倔强。

摩羯对 朋友都很好,但其实很多人慢慢都觉得理所当然,甚至认为摩羯十分好欺负。如果摩羯说讨厌你,那你真的是很失败了,因为摩羯强大的宽容是绝不会那么容易说憎 恨一个人的。很多人以为摩羯是最心软的星座,绝情指数为零。假如哪一天摩羯真的受够了你,可是一去不回头,十分倔强的哩.

摩羯座的人害怕孤独,好想依赖人。却从来不曾真的去依赖,因为已习惯独立孤独。摩羯座的人总是很任性和小孩子气的固执,即使是错,下次还是固执。摩羯座的 人总凭感觉认定着所有的人和事。摩羯座的人很胆小又害失败,但表现出来都是强悍的一面。摩羯座的人看似坚强,内心却会很易受伤.

受不了,就别走进摩羯的世界。摩羯不温柔、脾气不好、 摩羯容易生气、容易吃醋、摩羯容易心痛、容易胡思乱想、摩羯很任性、摩羯生气时不想说话、开心了会傻笑、摩羯受委屈会放在心里、在乎了就想被你知道、 摩羯喜欢在伤心的时候听伤心的歌、喜欢在开心的时候和在乎的人分享。

最不懂拒绝的星座】第一名:摩羯座;【朋友有难两肋插刀的星座】 第一名:摩羯座;【外表坚强内心脆弱的星座】 第一名:摩羯座;【做事豪爽无心机的星座】第一名:摩羯座;【从不当众流泪的星座】 第一名:摩羯座;【爱一个人专情,又决绝的星座】 第一名:摩羯座。

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